Aim and Objectives

• To impart quality education for the spiritual upliftment of the national youth and provide them a benchmark platform for preserving the national integrity to form as a comprehensive system and a dignified way of life.

• To educate, train and develop versatile youth for overall development and to create a system of resolving the problems of the recent times and modern society & for this, to establish, schools, colleges, training institutes, vocational guidance courses etc.


• To create a self-sustainable structure that encourages positive attitudes and to engage the youth to build an integrated society with high morals contributing to our great nation & so to do, establish/ run hospitals, clinics, hostels, wells and bore wells etc.

• To arrange for a conducive platform that establishes dialogues, understanding and appreciation between various organizations, by conducting workshops, seminars & to arrange mass marriages bearing all costs for the orphans, old age house for men and women, health camps and other community development activity to strengthen rural infrastructure.

• To take special efforts in the areas of moral, & educational human development, by imparting requisite skills, technical knowhow thereby creating a homogenous blend of modern education with moral education.

• To create Bachat Gats for the financially weak women from the slums and to run them without interest.

• To arrange for FREE food accessories (grains and daily needs) for the financially poorer sections of the society.

• To start monthly pensions for those who are physically or mentally challenged, orphans, widows, etc.

• To start scholarships for those brilliant and talented students who can, in future, become the role models for our society.

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